Cutting Edge Cleaning With The AENO SM1 Steam Mop

The AENO SM1 Steam Mop is a cleaning tool that uses high-temperature steam to sanitise and clean various surfaces in your home. It heats up water in its built-in tank and releases the steam through nozzles on the mop head unleashing cleanliness in it’s wake.

The SM1 comes with different attachments like mop pads and nozzles, allowing you to clean floors, carpets, windows, grout, and even upholstery. 

Plus, the adjustable steam control lets you tailor the cleaning power for different surfaces and messes. The SM1 really is a superb device with a range of technical features to should about.

Features include:

  • Fast Heat-Up: The SM1 is ready to use in just 17 seconds, allowing you to quickly tackle cleaning tasks without waiting for a long preheat.
  • Long Lasting Steam: With a 380ml water tank, the SM1 can deliver up to 38 minutes of continuous steaming, suitable for cleaning large areas without refilling.
  • Adjustable Steam Control: The mop offers adjustable steam intensity, letting you tailor the cleaning power to different surfaces and messes.
  • Multifunctional set-up: The SM1 comes with 8 attachments, including a microfibre mop pad for floors, a carpet glider, and nozzle attachments for grout, windows, and upholstery. This versatility allows you to clean a variety of surfaces throughout your home.
  • Easy to Use: The SM1 features a convenient touchscreen for turning the mop on/off, adjusting steam settings, and a removable water tank for easy refills.


The AENO SM1 Steam Mop offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for those seeking a versatile and convenient cleaning tool. The adjustable steam control, long runtime, and multifunctional attachments are appealing. For us, cleaning has never been easier thanks to a modern, sleek and intelligent design. The speed of heating up the unit means that you can run a quick clean in seconds and it’s also ideal for super deep cleans.

If you’re looking for a steam mop at the high end of the market with a variety of attachments and a long runtime, the AENO SM1 is worth considering. Get yours here.

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