Could the future of vaping be Vapour2 E-cigarettes? We think so!

Vapour 2 E-cigarettes have found popularity among smokers and nonsmokers alike; and this trend appears to be increasing year on year. E-cigarettes (e-cigs) can offer the same nicotine hit as their far more harmful predecessors without the use of tobacco containing tar and other poisonous toxins. Furthermore, the ‘smoke’ that is produced from e-cigarettes is actually just vapourised propylene glycol (a far less harmful vapour), which means that the user’s clothes (or breath!) don’t smell of a well-established old pub! As with all other e-cigs, Vapour2 e-cigs produce no ash either, therefore there is no potential of burn marks or spilled ash trays thus making them more convenient and less messy.

Could the future of vaping be the Vapour2 e-cigarettes?
A further benefit of Vapour 2 e-cigs is that they come in a myriad of shapes, size and flavours. In fact this customisability is one of the biggest selling points as users are able to mix flavours together, mix elements of e-cigarettes together and generally create a bespoke product for themselves.

However, even though e-cigs have exceptional benefits over regular cigarettes, they are becoming heavily regulated and will face the same rules and regulations as their unhealthy competitor (regular cigarettes!). It is with regards to this point that Vapour2 E-cigs have excelled against adversity through innovation and quality.

Could the future of vaping be the Vapour2 e-cigarettes?

I had the pleasure of attending a Vapour2 event, lead by Paul Hunt (Managing Director), to showcase their product portfolio and also to try an extensive selection of flavours they had on offer. The event’s purpose was to enlighten the normal consumer with hard cold facts (see below) about e-cigs and the e-cig industry, the problems they face, the hurdles they will need to overcome, and the opportunities for the future.

Could the future of vaping be the Vapour2 e-cigarettes?

During the event, Paul Hunt was kind enough to show us a new model of e-cigarette (the VERTX) that Vapour2 had developed, which will be available later this year. This new product features a touch screen display and a unique flat design to prevent it rolling off surfaces.

Vapour2 is continuously looking for new innovative ways to make their products better and to make the user experience more pleasurable and bespoke. There are uncertain times ahead for Vapour2 and the e-cigarette market in general, however with such exciting flavours and products I am certain that Vapour2 will achieve even greater success in the future.

Click HERE to see a short video of the evening (plus some action shots of vaping!)

Vapour2 E-cig facts:

  • Vapour2 E-Cigarettes have been voted as one of the best electronic cigarettes by a range of independent ECig review sites such as UK ECig Reviews scoring highly on taste, flavour and battery quality.
  • Vapour2 E-Cigarettes come in a range of flavours (12 to be exact!) ranging from standard tobacco to Cola and Grape
  • Nicotine strengths range from 0-2.4%
  • Vapour 2 E-cigarettes publish all ingredients in their e-liquids (more info can be found here:

Where can I buy one?

You can buy all Vapour 2 E-Cigarattes here:

Prices start at £25 for a beginners kit which features an e-cigarette, one V2 Standard Automatic Battery, six V2 Flavour Cartridges (Tobacco/Menthol or Sweet & Fruity) and one V2 Express Charger.

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