BR Republic Produce Outstandingly Bold Design Jewellery

A team of London based designers, BR Republic have come up with some striking and original Jewellery. If you wish to make a statement, you do not need to look further.

If you take a glance at their collections at the BR Republic website, the Unique Jewellery is a refreshing change to the norm.

For instance, The Ladybug pendant is simply enchanting. Sterling silver and micro set with 1.00ct of diamond cut yellow and black sapphires. Ladybugs are finished in black rhodium and are presented on a 16in black sterling silver chain.


At £895, this seems almost too good. Unfair on BR Republic, even! This design jewellery is well crafted and that is obvious in its appearance.

The Callisto Ring is another example of stunning and inspired design.


The Callisto (£795) is a Sterling silver ring, set with 3.00ct of round black sapphires, finished in white and black rhodium with, and I love this, red gold plating on the inside of the ring.

Very Louboutin.

There are so many more different styles available. These pieces are certainly made for you to be noticed. Available at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, you have to consider one of these pieces. It`s time to start harvesting those compliments.

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