Sound Art Speakers

You have the ultimate luxury sound system or TV system but you don’t really want the big, bulky speakers spoiling your decor. What do you do?

The answer might be to buy some SoundArt speakers.


Described as:

“One or two canvas speakers, sleek subwoofer box, your choice of picture and, of course, your choice of music. Transform your interior with stylish canvas art speakers and make cumbersome traditional speakers a thing of the past. No complicated set-up, just hang on your wall, plug in your music source and enjoy the space around you. From music to movies the audio options are endless. Almost any audio source can be played through your Hi-Fi, iPod, DVD, CD or use the output on your AV system.

Unlike thicker, conventional box speakers, which essentially push air, SoundArt speakers generate a natural acoustic sound through vibration, in the same way a note from a solo violin fills a concert hall. With SoundArt, there are no moving parts, the canvas becomes an integral part of the sound board.`

By all accounts the sound quality is excellent and the standard artwork isn’t bad either! Retails for £1,999 ($3,698).

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