Boodles Most Expensive Teabag

How would you like making your afternoon tea with a $14,000 (£7,500) tea bag? Probably a little nervous I guess – what if you split the bag!

Well, if this idea tickles your luxury taste buds then you might just be in luck. This diamond laden teabag was created by Boodles jewellers to celebrate PG tips 75th birthday. Wow, what a birthday present – but do you throw it away after you’ve used it?


To match the beautiful exterior the tea itself isn’t bad either. Sourced from a rare Darjeeling leaf in India which has particularly pale leaves and is picked as buds from the oldest garden in India. What a pedigree!

This tea known as Makaibari Silver Tips is so exclusive that five chests containing 55kg of it were sold at auction in July 2003 to Godrey Phillips India Ltd for £2,500 per kilogram.

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