The Cricketers in Littlewick Green – A Traditional Pub Just Outside London

I need to tell you about a delightful pub I came across recently, The Cricketers in Littlewick Green. What’s a pub doing on a luxury website? When one is this good, it deserves its place here.

Littlewick Green is an almost magical haven away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. 30 minutes from the centre of London, but you wouldn’t know it. Near Maidenhead on the A4, a lane opens up into a typically English village, complete with beautiful houses (some with thatched roofs), a cricket pitch and said pub.


Littlewick Green is such an aesthetic delight that it has been used many times as a film location.

The pub has a new Landlord and Landlady, Bob & Jackie who have worked hard to retain the traditional quirks that so many pubs have lost. They have also worked hard at the menu – the food is Gastro / pub classic (If there was ever such a thing).

The thing about the Cricketers Berkshire is that it feels right from the minute you walk in. In winter, expect to find a roaring fire (with two lab pubs basking in the heat), an even warmer welcome from the hosts, great food and fantastic ales (I made sure on the ales, I had more than a few).


The food is of a standard that you wouldn’t expect from a pub. So high in fact, that most dishes would not be out of place in a restaurant – a good restaurant. I sampled the Pork belly and it was as good as the last Pork Belly that I ordered from a notable London restaurant. My partner had the steak which was cooked to perfection….Impressive stuff.


I chatted to a couple of locals who have said the current Landlords of the Cricketers Littlewick Green have really pulled out the stops here and it shows. Apparently, the Sunday roast is ‘the best in the area, by far’.

A traditional pub, in a beautiful location just 30 minutes from the centre of London. A true oasis of calm and well worth a trip, If you are looking for a pub with great beer and better food, you will not be disappointed.

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