Best Beauty & Skincare Gifts Valentine’s Day 2022

Beauty and Skincare gifts are among the most popular for Valentine’s Day. But how do you navigate the extensive offerings out there? What works? What are the upcoming brands you should consider? We’ve answered them all in this handy guide. 

Arran Bergamot & Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Set (£40)

Arran has to be one of the UK’s leading natural fragrance and beauty care specialists. Proudly based on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, they are inspired by the cold sea, vibrant land, fresh spring water and rugged hills. Amazingly, they have managed to bottle this essence and you will find the spirit of nature in each product.

Their home fragrance sets make the ideal Valentine’s Day gifts, setting a mood and scene, thanks to unforgettable scents and fragrances. The Bergamot and Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Set is one of their best sellers. The epitome of beautiful floral scents, Arran Sense of Scotland Bergamot and Geranium whisks together aromas of flowers and fruits to create a delicately balanced and effortlessly refreshing fragrance for the home. The Bergamot reed diffuser even looks the part to take pride of place in your home with the blend of oils displayed in a branded clear glass bottle, finished with natural wood reeds for spreading the scent throughout your room. Our 8cl travel candles perfectly compliment this delicate aroma, with up to a 12 hour burn time.

Get yours here. Highly recommended.

Wild Beauty by Rhug Estate – Nourishing Body Cream with Marshmallow Root and Lemon (£34)

If you’ve not heard about the Wild Beauty range, where have you been? Wild Beauty is the brainchild of Rhug Estate owner Lord Newborough. Heralding from North Wales since the 11th Century, the Rug estate has been a part of the Newborough family since 1637. The aim is to champion organic, natural, sustainable and beautiful British ingredients. 

The Wild Beauty ethos embodies all of these messages and they have funnelled this adventure into the Wild Beauty Nourishing body cream. 

Decadently rich, this body cream has a real “wow” factor, from stunning packaging all the way through to a spellbindingly good product. The cream has an indulgent base of Organic Cocoa and Shea Butters with Rhug Beeswax, known to deeply hydrate and protect the skin. A blend of Organic Marshmallow Root and wild foraged Lemon Balm help to soothe the skin. Fragranced with a balancing blend of Organic Cornmint, Palmarosa and Geranium essential oils.

A new product to our beauty regime that we will now never be without. Get yours here

Olverum Firming Body Oil (£44) and Body Polish (£38)

Olverum are one of our favourite beauty and skincare brands. Natural, simple, effective and elegant – every product we’ve tried evokes feelings of spa trips and high-end treatments. Their firming body oil and body polish are the ideal pair of products for those looking to give their skin a full refresh for Spring. 

The Olverum Body Polish is an intensive body sculpting treatment, exactingly formulated with contouring botanicals Grapefruit and Black Pepper for a tightening, toning sensation. Gliding on smoothly, this unique soufflé-feel dual-action exfoliator is designed to buff skin softly but effectively. Providing deep nourishment, it simultaneously tightens and brightens, for a toned sensation and a naturally glowing appearance.

The Olverum Firming Body Oil combines botanicals, enzymes and a specially formulated blend of collagen-boosting Alaria Esculenta extracts and Paracress to help aid skin renewal. 

We’d recommend this pair for Valentine’s Day 2022, you can get yours here.

Voya Moonlight Moments, Relying Bath & Shower Oil (£37)

One of the most popular beauty gifts is usually bath related. But this time, throw away those harsh and overpowering bath bombs and say hello to Voya’s indulgent oils. 

The Voya Moonlight Moments Lavender & Rose Geranium bath & shower oil transports you to realms of deep relaxation and tranquility with just a few drops. Utilising wild Irish seaweed to help settle both the body and mind, there is an elegance and organic feel to this oil.  Essential oils, including Lavender & Geranium, help to relax and unwind before bedtime. But the restorative properties of the seaweed replenish and restore too.  If your partner loves baths and is looking to elevate them, get yours here.

Transformulas Skin Discovery Set (£57)

Transformulas’s Skin Discovery Set is an intriguing one! This set, designed as a de-ageing duo and a “powerhouse” of skincare, combines two of their leading products for just £57. 

But that’s not all, the set claims to improve your skin in just 30 days. 

The set includes the Marine Miracle EyeZone Advanced Eye Concentrate and the Marine Miracle Crème Signature Moisturiser. Each of which have a range of sea marine active ingredients, antioxidants and replenishing ingredients, designed to bolster and improve your skin. According to their specialists, in 30 days, expect the following: “Skin is firmer, lines and wrinkles are minimised, skin appears plumper, more youthful and   healthier looking”. Not convinced, try it for yourself here

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