Atomic Floyd Twistjax Headphones

I recently got the chance to try out a rather sexy set of headphones that certainly fall into the `Luxury` category. These are the new Atomic Floyd Twistjax Headphones that incorporate something called Twist2Fit&#trade;technology.

I don`t know about you lot, but most in-ear headphones are a nightmare to keep in, especially when you exercise. Well, fret no more… these beauties are designed to adjust so as they stay in! They also have unparalleled sound quality and I`ve tried a few! I would recommend these over Stenheiser and Bose equivalents and if sound quality is high on your agenda, you`ll not be disappointed. You`ll also feel that your £120 has been well spent.

The twist aspect to these headphones means that you can adjust them to be more stable as well as comfortable. There`s not a n ear these won`t fit apparently.


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