Atomic Floyd Minidarts +Microphone – One Of The Best Luxury iPhone Accessories

Now for something a little different.

When a product comes along that is so well made, with an equal level of performance, It`s only right that we tell you about it.


Atomic Floyd are a company made up of a collective of top designers and technicians from Nike, Adidas and Philips who all discovered they had a shared passion for sound and music – and have spent years developing the perfect pair of headphones.

The Minidarts +Microphone is the latest in a very special range, and this seems to be the absolute pinnacle of sound.

Fresh on the market, having only been released in November, The Minidarts have already attracted a lot of attention. Notably, Dizzee Rascal, Sienna Miller and Jenson Button all owning a pair.

This is the most compact of all of Atomic floyd`s headphones, yet delivers the same big sound that you might expect. The bass is of such a clear level, it takes your music to a new level.

Trust me, your favourite tunes will sound different….Better.

This is achieved by fine design and precision engineering, not forgetting using the best materials available – Steel, titanium, 24 Carat gold and Kevlar 9no cheap plastic here) make up the ear piece. The tough super thin walls create more space, which in turn gives that bass a belting thump.


Dual-injected silicone ear tips create a snug 2-way noise isolating seal, which is great for you and also anyone close by. With sound this good, you do not want any leaking away. These tips are also pliable, to ensure an even snugger fit.

The Minidarts +Microphone have an endless possibility of uses – they work with iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, MP3 players and other mobile phones. Each pair comes with a palm-sized protective leather case, airplane adapter, DJ jack, and two-year manufacturer`s warranty.

Atomic Floyd founder James Strong comments: `MiniDarts +Microphone are precision-crafted using only the finest components. No amount of plastic could ever sound – or look – this good`

I couldn`t agree more!

Available exclusively from and Apple Store, RRP: £149.00

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