Gaucho Restaurant Smithfield Review

We recently had the opportunity to review Gaucho`s latest Smithfield restaurant (opened late October) and after our experience of Gaucho Sloane… we didn`t need to be asked twice!

Situated just a couple of minutes from Farringdon Tube, the restaurant is very well situated in London`s iconic Smithfield Market. The restaurant offers the same level of chic ambience with a Buenos Aires twist as their other restaurants, which immediately gave us the impression that the experience will measure up to our last visit to Gaucho Sloane.

We started with a couple of cocktails, which set us up perfectly for the feast to come. We started with 6 beautifully spiced oysters and some stunning scallops, after which we were joined by none other than Phil Crozier, Gauchos very own expert Somméliér (wine guru) who guided us through the rather impressive wine menu and introduced us to some of the finest wines we`ve had the pleasure to try (and we`ve had a few!) – we definitely recommend the Malbec by the way. A quick note about the wine if I may… all the wines are from Argentina and thanks to their climates and altitudes, I`m convinced that their wines are some of the best in terms of value on the market today. (Check out Gaucho`s wine boutique here)


Now onto the mains… if you love steak then Gaucho is your Mecca. Argentinean beef is arguably the finest on the planet thanks to their climates, soil and fine rich organic pastures – no genetic modifications here I`m pleased to say. It`s standard to be presented with all the different cuts of beef and taught the differences in taste that each brings (very helpful). We went for the rib eye and boy did we make a good choice. Succulent and exactly what beef should taste like, honestly it`s as far from supermarket steak as you`ll find!

If you love your steak and fine wine then a Gaucho restaurant is going to take some beating.

Thanks Gaucho for yet another fantastic experience.

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