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I`m not really fond of travelling by plane. You wake up at some ungodly hour to get to the airport a stupid amount of time early, stand in queues that seem to last weeks and then get crammed into a plane with only just about enough legroom to fit a gnat. On top of this it seems to take absolutely ages. Baggage reclaim. Security. The passport check. All that hanging around. Isn`t the point of flying in the first place to save time? So why does a 3 hour flight actually end up being a door to door travel time of over 12 hours?

So, in my deep frustration, for a bit of fun I decided to Google `I need a private jet`. And here are some cool things I found out, and I believe should probably be standard on all commercial flights:

You can bring a firearm on board

Ok maybe not a good idea for this one to be in place on all commercial flights. And I assume the weapon has to be legal from where you`re going from, to where you are travelling to. But still! To just have the capacity to do this would make anyone feel like James Bond. According to Magellan Jets, all that has to be done is the firearm be unloaded and handed to the flight attendant.

There`s no baggage limit

Because of course there isn`t. As long as the plane will take off you can take whatever you like on board (so no gold bullion).

You can take liquids on board

This has always bugged me. So I can`t bring my own bottle of lemonade, but I can get it from the airport shops for $3.50? Anyway. On a private flight you of course need champagne, and there isn`t any problems with you bringing it on board. There aren`t any restrictions on liquids on private flights.

You can bring a pet on board




According to this Daily Mail article it is possible to fly on a private jet for cheaper than flying commercial if you`re heading to somewhere in Europe. A private jet will often have to turn back after completing a flight in order to get back to its home airport. The plane would be empty for this journey anyway, so you can get on it at a knock down price. Sometimes for as little as under £200 per head if you share the journey. As you can bring pets on board, some are finding that this actually works out cheaper than paying for your pet to be put through a commercial airline`s cargo system. There are a bunch of catches of course – the flight could be cancelled at the last minute because the original passenger has changed their mind about something, some jets aren`t as amazing as the first seem and you’ve got to check that the jet companies has all of the relevant insurances in place.

Still. Better than being crammed into a tin can I guess. And you can bring your own bottle of Sprite aboard.

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