5 Star Cosmetics – SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream

SK-II is a relatively new cream on the block, a luxury skin cream from Japan. Launched in September, this first quarter has delivered some promising and exciting results.


The thought process behind this prestige cream is a three pronged `attack`, or rather defence.

`Melt – Designed in a unique solid form, the cream boasts an innovative Capturing Network Technology that encapsulates the ingredients in a special network structure.

Penetrate – Upon application, the solid cream and network immediately softens and the non-sticky formula effectively penetrates deep into the surface skin layers to deliver the ingredients.

Wrap – It creates a moisture lock-in veil for long-lasting hydration. Immediate benefits & long-lasting efficacy`.

What this basically means is SK cream is fast absorbing and locks in the moisture as well as creating a barrier. It effectively restores and improves skin`s firmness, radiance and smoothness – in four weeks.

SK-II Cream contains Rice Sterol, a new ingredient, extracted from Japanese rice bran which promote the production of skin`s structural materials, therefore further driving skin`s ability to regenerate itself, resulting in a firmer, smoother complexion.

This luxury daily moisturiser is so super thick, that it needs to be warmed in your palms before application. A fine protective coating helps mask the harm of the elements and underneath all this, your skin is working hard to bring back healthy youthful skin.

The test results are simply outstanding. It is nice to see something do what it is meant to! In the world of top skin care products, SK cream delivers.

SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream is exclusive to Harrods, priced at £135.

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