Vuzix© Wrap Eyewear – Simply Awesome

There are a few video eyewear products out there, but there is nothing that comes close to the Vuzix range.


I have given the Vuzix© Wrap 280 a real going over – and I have loved every minute! When you first put these on (after bespoke adjustments), it is reminiscent of being in a cinema. The only things missing were the rustling sounds of sweets / popcorn and heads in front obscuring views. Why does that guy always sit in front of me?!

The viewing experience is so much more than your local cinema. This is complete immersion.

The designer styling makes these video goggles top of the league, aesthetics wise. Subtle. On your face, not in your face. If you wear specs, you should be able to put the Vuzix© over them. That`s good design for you.

Let`s talk performance:

At 51 inches (Equivalent screen size as seen from 10 feet), the Wrap video provides both standard 4:3 and 16:10 screen formats for 2D and 3D video. The sound is crisp, the video just as good.

I tried a few youtube 3D videos – I jumped a bit.


I am partially sighted, I have no peripheral vision. I haven`t enjoyed video as much as this for about ten years.

For gamers, the Vuzix© will have clear benefits. For anyone watching you play a game, it is quite amusing too. You get so involved, your head will be bopping and moving all over the place.

Apple iPod / iPhone owners need this too. If you are travelling, the iPod plus the Vuzix© makes for the best travel companion – ever. The set includes Apple iPod / iPhone adaptor cable.

The last thing that impressed me was watching the footy. You may as well get changed into a replica kit and start running around. The best 90 minutes I have spent this year! A football experience that has to be tried.

At £199.99, this is awesome. Some perspective, a 50` 3D TV will cost you well over £800, and you can`t take that on a plane, can you?!

Now, Vuzix Announce Its Next Generation Video Eyewear The Widescreen Wrap&#trade; 1200

This is Vuzix` first high-resolution video eyewear model in a native 16:9 format and offers full color WVGA (852 x 480) support with component video inputs. The video eyewear provide a viewing experience similar to a 75-inch flat panel television viewed from 10-feet, the world`s first high-resolution 16:9 widescreen video eyewear.

I love these guys.

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