Luxury Lawns Need Luxury Mowers

I know that when I was a small boy it was always the highlight of the week when I came to mow our lawn with the big petrol engined beast we used to keep in the garage. Maybe, I’m alone here but it seemed that it was about as close as I was going to get to driving a car before the age of 17. Maybe, subconsciously there was a bit more to Forrest Gump’s obsession to mowing the football pitch… Even now mowing my lawn helps collect my thougths at the end of a long day.

I think if I was buying the ultimate lawnmower nowadays there would be a little more choice than back in the day.

Take a look at the Honda HF 2620. I mean this beauty is almost a full on racing car with a rotar blade afterthought. This wasn’t designed for pure practicality, it was designed to tickle the boyhood spirit, to pull at the boys with toys mentality that resides in most adult males.


This retails for $5,200 (£3,475) and was voted Best Garden Machine at the National Gardening Awards 2004. Oooh must be good then. Probably the coolest feature is that it has an LED dashboard that beeps when the grass bag is full. Wowsers.

Or how about the Stiga Park Pro 25:


This baby retails for $11,290 (£7,529) and includes:

Four wheel drive
Articulated steering – not sure what that means but it sounds kind of groovy
Cruise control – nice feature
Apparently no collection box – it simply cuts the grass up so finely that it gets pounded into the turf – very cool

If your looking for something a little less priced as car check out the Hayter Heritage 13/30 below which retails at $2,000 (£1,359):


Although we hear this one is more suited to the smaller garden.

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