World’s First All In One Steam and Shower System

Ideal Standard have designed and engineered a convergence of shower and steam facilities. The product has been named TRIS and is billed as “the world’s first single bathroom unit to incorporate a shower, steam and sauna system.”



If you’ve got the luxurious city apartment, but are short on space, the TRIS could be a perfect space saving solution for steam and shower…

It can also meet a variety of relaxation needs, including spacious normal and tropical showering, steam, drying sauna, aromatherapy and hydro massage. Perfect for winding down after a hard day at the office.

Available as a marine wood unit in a standard size of 170cm x 110cm – ample space for two people to sit comfortably. Prices for TRIS start from £10,000 ($20,000 approx).

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