Watch compass – Tissot Sea Touch

This remarkable time piece from Tissot has got all the chaps in the office drooling.

A hot looking design and a really cool watch compass mode make the Tissot Sea Touch a fairly desirable Christmas list item…..

The compass mode is operated by pressing a button on the watch face, which makes the two hands form into a line. The hands will then work as a free wheel watch compass. Cool or what! Ok, even with my poor sense of direction, the chances of me ever using the compass mode in the wild are virtually nil, but so what…..


Other buttons on the Tissot Sea Touch activate features such as LCD thermometer, a depth meter, chronograph, alarm and a dive timer.

The watch is waterproofed to 200m, rubber sealed for diving and back lit.

If you fancy indulging, the retail price is £610 ($900).

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