Alexander Amosu – Most Expensive Suit In The World

Designer Alexander Amosu recently launched his Luxury Bespoke Suit Line called `Alexander Amosu` whilst unveiling the most expensive suit in the world costing a massive £70, 000! The one-off creation is made from gold thread, Himalayan Pashmina, Qiviuk and Vicuna and took 80 hours to complete and includes over 5000 stitches. Being treated like an Oscar winning actor, the suit was escorted to Pall Mall for the event in its very own top of the range armoured range rover, built to withstand even the most extreme attack. The suit itself is absolutely gorgeous, simple and classic! Any man would be delighted to adorn such a masterpiece!



Exquisite platinum and gold suits are featured in Amosu`s collection made from the finest wools in the world such as Qiviuk. It`s gathered from the Arctic Musk Ox, which only sheds its coat once a year. The quality of the suits must be unbelievable! A great amount of care is taken to safeguard the well-being of the animals from which the fibres are taken. They are cared for in their natural environment.

If you wanted to purchase one of Alexander`s creations, part of the service is that he and his tailors will travel to clients anywhere in the world in order to take measurements and fit the suit. Luxury and great service at its best!

Nine carat gold and pave set diamond buttons complete each suit and customers of Alexander Amosu will definitely enjoy the rewards of the luxury lifestyle that accompanies their purchase. A few of these perks include a 1 hour flight by private jet to anywhere in the world by Cloud9, 1 year free wealth management from Cheviot Asset Management and a 24hr Global Concierge service.

Alexander Amosu is a highly trained tailor with over 20 years experience and will craft each suit by hand. Bespoke suits are available for both men and women alongside luxury bespoke shirts. He explains –

`Buying an Alexander Amosu suit is the ultimate in luxury. We create the finest bespoke suits using fabrics which emphasise character, style and individuality. I firmly believe that in the wake of the recession, there is still a demand for uncompromising quality. We might not be catering to everyone, but the people who buy Alexander Amosu want to wear the very best suits in the world.`

Customers of Alexander include business Tycoons Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan, as well as Formula one driver Adrian Sutil and he has donated his bespoke tailoring services as an auction prize to the children`s medical research company Sparks, to be auctioned off at a fundraising event later this year.

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