Unique music memorabilia: The Great White – Rick Butler of The Jam`s drum kit

The Great White is a magnificent drum kit, commissioned and previously owned by Rick Butler of The Jam.

Built by The Premier Drum Company to Butler`s requirements, The Great White is 33 years old and has toured the world with Rick and The Jam and now represents an important piece of English music memorabilia.

A true piece of music history, the Great White is a bond item recently agreed with Suttons & Robertsons, the UK`s oldest and most respected luxury pawnbroker specialising in secured loans.


The kit featured on all Live TV performances including the very first episode of The Tube in November 1982. It also featured in famous videos including Funeral Pyre and Town Called Malice.

Rick Butler played it from 1980 for three years until the band split at the end of 1982. He then opened a studio in London where it remained until it was given to its current owner.

The current owner has said that the only way he would let this unique music memorabilia go is if The Jam reformed with Rick using The Great White in exchange for the owner introducing the band on stage!

Although the Great White would have a reserve price at auction of £20,000, we believe that its past owner and the history associated with the Great White make this special drum kit totally priceless.

Watch Rick and The Great White in action below. Aaah, it`s all coming back!

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