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The art world can be a fickle place. If you are looking for a great return on an investment, just how do you spot the next masterpiece?

Honestly? I haven`t a clue….

Fortunately, I know of a dealer that has that rare talent of spotting a work of art, before anyone else does. His name is Michael Goedhuis .

Michael Goedhuis was one of the first western dealers to enter the Chinese contemporary market. He identified artists previously unknown to the West such as Zhang Xiaogang,

Goedhuis spotted one of Zhang Xiaogang key works in the Estella collection which subsequently sold for $6million when the collection was offered at auction in 2008.

Yes, he knows his onions.


Liu Kuo-sung (b. 1932) Full Moon 2008 Ink and color on paper 39.17 x 72.56 in (99.5 x 184.3 cm)

Now, Goedhuis has put together an exhibition of New Ink Painting from China. Ten carefully selected artists will exhibit a total of 30 pieces.

This collection of contemporary ink paintings is the first comprehensive display of Chinese New Ink Painting ever held in Britain and will take place at 16 Bloomfield Terrace, London SW1W 8PG.

The exhibition coincides with the internationally celebrated event `Asian Art in London` (4-13 November 2010), the exhibition will run from Friday, 5 November to 3 December 2010.

The ten ground breaking artists range from internationally recognized Liu Kuo-sung to the new generation of the avant-garde, Qin Feng, will each exhibit three works. New Ink Painting is the genre poised to be China`s choice for the modern pictorial expression of Chinese civilization and as such is a must for collectors interested in this area.

Prices range from $25,000 – $150,000.


Yao Jui-chung (b. 1969) Honeymoon: Love River, 2010 Hand made paper, ink with gold leaf 27.56 x 39.37 in (70 x 100 cm)

`The New Ink Painting is perhaps the boldest pictorial experiment in contemporary Chinese culture. Artists trained rigorously in the traditional brush and ink on paper painting tradition, which is still considered the foundation stone of Chinese civilization, have, in the past few years, broken away from the classical canon and are making works which are meaningful for and relevant to society in modern China`, comments Michael Goedhuis.

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