Top Beverages CBD Spirits Review

Could combining CBD (Cannabidiol) and alcohol be a game changer for the spirit industry? Well, Saf & Nick, founders of Top Beverages certainly believe so. The two pals met 5 years ago in Barcelona whilst looking for a better work/life balance and decided to trial combining the two ingredients once the regulations in the UK allowed. Top (or POT spelled backwards 😉 Beverages was formed.

But let’s clear something up quickly, CBD is not the same as it’s cousin THC, which is the ingredient that gets you ‘high’. No, CBD is said to have many health benefits and is being extensively researched today. Whilst not related to this article, CBD for example has been shown to reduce  epileptic seizures, reduce anxiety, assisted with insomnia and act as a natural pain reliever to name but a few ailments. I guess you could say that it’s almost too early to determine the true measures as to this wonder ingredient, but a quick search on YouTube demonstrates why there is so much excitement within the healthcare industry right now.

But let’s get back to Top Beverages and their take on the ingredient… each product contains 50mg of CBD, which creates a distinct cloudiness in their spirits. The cloudiness comes from the CBD, and the other various terpenes and carrier oils needed to make a water-soluble CBD. According to Nick, “If a spirit says they have CBD in it and you don’t see a slight cloudiness, there isn’t any CBD in there”.

What’s more, after 12 months of research and travel creating their spirits, Saf & Nick managed to avoid all added sugars, artificial colouring, flavouring or essences, opting for purely clean, natural and authentic ingredients. This is absolutely clear when you taste the products – the smells, flavours and tastes really jump out. Top Beverages’ CBD range currently (Nov 2019) consists of 9 premium spirits across three different ranges:

Classic:  Gin, Vodka and Rum

Spice:  Bloody Mary Gin, Spiced Rum and Masala Vodka

Signature:  Super Gin, Mocha Rum and Citrus Vodka.

Whilst they are all delicious (absolutely our new favourite drink), our favourite is the Mocca Rum – sweet, delicious chocolate flavours, which is closely followed by the Bloody Mary Gin – JUST WOW!!! Their spirits are 54.5% ABV are 500ml, contain 50mg of CBD and cost £49.95 a bottle.

Closing thought: If Top Beverages can educate people as to the benefits of CBD and remove any preconceptions many of us have with cannabis ingredients, then these guys will fly to the moon. They are a prime example of innovating in an industry that is in dire need of it!

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