Therapeutic And Fabulous – Philip Stein Signature Range

I have recently been trialling the Powerbalance – the hologram therapy bracelet favoured by Mr Beckham and other high profile celebs.

I was a sceptical as ever, but thought it would do no harm to wear it for two weeks. With a little reluctance, I must admit this silicone band with a hologram embedded into it, seems to be working.

I`m a big guy, but just lately, I feel great. Agile as Bruce Lee at his peak, as graceful as Rudolf Nureyev and as fit as Jane Fonda.

The silicone band, that is proving to be a real hit worldwide, may not appeal to everyone. It’s a little casual, so It is fantastic that leading luxury watch maker Philip Stein has released the signature range. A luxury therapeutic alternative. The best womens and best mens watches.


Philip Stein, Classic Chronograph watch with blue leather strap, from £405

Philip Stein watches have a clinically proven natural frequency technology embedded into the back in the form of a small, round disk. This introduces the natural Earth frequencies to the wearer promoting better sleep, reduced stress and enhanced concentration.

Available with a steel or gold case, each one comes with an exchangeable strap so you can have a different one to match each outfit or occasion.


Three of the Philip Stein Classic Signature range, from £295

Recent clinical trials suggest that Philip Stein watches are as good, if not better, than the Powerbalance band –
`Study Responders wearing the Natural Frequency Technology found in Philip Stein Watches fell asleep faster, stayed asleep longer and felt more refreshed in the morning`

The signature collection has some of the most unique and useful designs, with double dial features. The accessorising features are endless and will appeal to all fashion conscious watch wearers out there.

In a different class to the Powerbalance band altogether. It seems extraordinary that this luxury timepiece can provide well-being benefits as well as the time but if we can feel better by simply wearing it, then surely it`s worth a try!

Watches can be bought online at Prices start from £295 up to £2820. For a luxury watch UK cannot offer anything else like this range.

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