The World`s best lawnmower!

At Lussorian we like things that make our lives easier, gadgets that give more time are essential in the modern world. We `never have enough time` to do the things we want.

Mowing the grass is one such time drainer. I will be honest, I do not mind this chore as I reward myself with a satisfying cold beer at the end of it – Donkey and carrot type thing.


But the nifty RM510 could mean I can cheat time and get straight to that beer, the RM510 being the world`s best lawnmower. (always drink responsibly)

Kick back and watch your friendly robot mower cut the grass for you. A lot like the robot vacuum cleaner, and so perfect for lazy gardeners.

The RM510 replaces the previous RM400 model and is more powerful and quieter. The mower is designed to cover 500 square metres and comes with its own Base Station for automatic charging and departure.

The machine`s power enables it to easily handle the tricky first cut of the season, as well as cutting and mulching any fallen leaves and twigs on the lawn.

The Robomow RM510 covers any garden in less than half the time taken by competing robots, leaving the lawn free for the family to enjoy.


It also possesses a user-controlled theft protection system, and tilt sensor to instantly stop the blade from rotating if the Robomow is tilted. Additionally, users can buy a remote control accessory to enable the manual mowing of very narrow areas.

Retailing at £1,071.32, the RM510 is available to buy in the UK at mower magic.

The RM510, The World`s best lawnmower. I am tempted, very tempted.

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