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GTO Engineering is renowned worldwide for locating, restoring and preparing classic sports and racing cars.

The intimate knowledge and appreciation of the most exquisitely engineered cars in the world has inspired the elegant creations from GTO London, handcrafted exclusive jewellery for men infused with Ferrari design and components.

A true automobile fan cannot fail to be impressed by the craftsmanship of the pieces available, from key fobs, tie pins and cufflinks. The detailing is both accurate and beautiful.

The fact that most of this handcrafted exclusive jewellery for men uses real Ferrari metal makes the products even more special.

Cambio 60s RFM Cufflinks £600. Handmade using Real Ferrari Metal, and sterling silver with a black rhodium finish

It allows true enthusiasts the opportunity to own a design that contains uniquematerial from classic Ferrari sports cars.

GTO restore the Ferraris and then use the parts that were replaced for the jewellery. It`s a very clever form of recycling. The metal is melted down in order to be useful once more, and hand-crafted into the exclusive jewellery.

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