The Morpheus Music Centre

This is the latest piece of music technology developed by Surrey based Sonneteer. It`s the £2,200 Morpheus Music Centre that is in fact a hi tech music server that connects all your music gizmos (computer, iPod, memory sticks, mobiles) and streams it seamlessly. No more fiddling about for hours trying and get songs off your PC to your iPod or mobile!

On top of this neat little feature, the system can find 12000+ internet radio stations and 23000+ on-demand programs. Could you want any more from a hifi?


The main features are its media player, internet radio, 100watt amplifier, wall mountable, stereo Bluetooth (option), ultra slim machined aluminium chassis, universal power supply, crafted aluminium remote handset, inputs for all kinds of music device, slick user interface, expansion ports for future upgrades… It`s also hand made in the UK and sold in Harrods.

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