The Herend Royal Butterfly Egg

Limited to just 15 pieces this is no doubt on every Luxury Egg collector`s Christmas list. Retailing for £27,000, you get a base and a body made of Herend porcelain, decorated with the Victoria pattern symbolising the standing that the honour of Queen Victoria`s choice conferred on Herend.


The upper part of the egg is made of 18 carat gold with metal wiring. The parts of the lower neck were shaped individually with precision casting technology

The stones were set individually in crown or bezel settings; the gold band crossing the top and bottom of the egg is decorated with one hundred diamonds; pressing the drop-shaped ruby clasp will open the egg and display the Herend Royal Butterfly, a diamond-bedecked pendant.

Every little piece of the butterfly was made by hand from rolling the pure gold raw metal to soldering all the tiny details. The spread wings are made of Herend porcelain, while the body and the wing settings are of white gold. The pendant boasts 40 sparkling diamonds.

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