The World`s Toughest Smartphone

The Smartphone has become an everyday necessity for the vast majority. The all singing / dancing phone has become as important as our keys. Where would we be without them?!

How would we survive?!!

I know the answer to this. A few months ago, I dropped my Smartphone and suddenly felt pretty useless. When you are used to a mobile smart device accompanying your life, the loss can be scary!

JCB asked if I would like to trial their new phone, billed as the toughest Smartphone in the World. Timing!

If you are thinking what is a phone that is clearly designed for the builder in mind featuring on Lussorian, you need to think beyond the JCB label.

Yes, JCB do manufacture some rather impressive machinery and a full line of building site accessories from tools to clothing. But, forget all that.


The World`s toughest Smartphone is all about being tough. That`s it.

I do not fondly remember my last smartphone as it proved to be as durable as a pane of glass. When something used so frequently in life breaks so easy, you have to look at alternatives.

The JCB ProSmart offers some pretty nifty alternatives!

Water resistant

Dust resistant

Drop tested to 2m

An Android 2.3 handset with full app capability, a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen, a 800MHz processor and Micro SD expandable to 32GB, all wrapped up in a fortified casing, this Smartphone is set to last.

After testing this mighty warrior, I am of the conclusion that there is no other Smartphone that offers such long term usage. I had the chance to upgrade my broken Smartphone to ANY other Smartphone of choice. Guess what? I`m sticking with the JCB Smartphone.

The phone is easy to navigate, not too bulky and the complete Man statement.

`I`m so tough, I need the toughest Smartphone` (!!!!!)

Perfect for those who want to make such a statement. Perfect for those that lead active lifestyles – a rock climbers dream phone.

It`s also perfect for the Brickies out there too!

If you want to `Man up` in the Smartphone department, you can get your JCB Smartphone for £329.99 money very well spent.

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