The Finest Hour scoops Best In World 2018 – Isle of Dogs accorded First Ever Fi-Dog Manitarian Award

The Fido Awards – For Incredible Dogs On Screen – awards standout dog performance of the year on the big screen. To mark this auspicious year the awards were presented at the Isle of Dogs exhibition at 180 The Strand.
This pop up display of breathtaking models from Wes Anderson’s stop motion picture of the same name, drew the crowds and goes “behind the scenes of ‘Isle of Dogs’, which was largely filmed at 3 Mills Studio in east London. « See original sets and puppets, all curated by the man himself – all set to the original score by Alexandre Desplat” –  Time Out told their readers enthusiastically.

The Fido Awards

The hugely popular pop up exhibition was the most suitable venue to witness the unveiling of the winning dog big screen performances of the year. Notable stand out turns included Bo at Harrison Ford’s side in Bladerunner 2049 who was awarded Blockbuster Bowser. Comedy Caine Fido went to Coco which had a spritely Mexican dog stealing the show. It was a Pixar wonder to behold. Then there was one of our most enigmatic ever Mutt Moment picks. This was for the spooky grey Italian greyhound which turned up in key moments in the Square. Truly an arthouse turn.

Dog - Best in world

Plus there was the English Bull Terrier which stubbornly held it’s own in screens with screen idol Bill Nighy – most of time from beneath a restaurant table – no mean feat. “Their Finest has three story layers and each has its dog: The overall story about the film industry, where an English bull terrier is an English agent’s best friend. The propaganda film the characters shoot, where a small dog is rescued at Dunkirk and finally a beautiful retriever in a mock-up documentary about a Spitfire pilot. The third one I included to make sure even the little documentary film-with-the-film lived up to one of the character’s motto about what a good film should have: “authenticity, optimism —- and a dog”, said director Lone Scherfig.

Dog - Best in world

But the stand out for the Fidos jury this year had to be Pheonix in Red Dog True Blue. This heartwarming winner of RomCom Rover was a popular win and then went on to scoop Best In World. Sadly this was a posthumous award as the canine actor has since died…but what a cinematic epitaph. This prequel of Red Dog told of the early day of this Aussie four-legged legend. Producer Colin Vaines picked up the award for his film with the immortal line. « What a night ! I am, for once, lost for words » said a dumbstruck Vaines.

A very happy doggy

To mark Year of the Dog in suitable style, the Fidos team created a special new award modelled on sister ceremony Palm Dog’s DogManitarian Award at the Cannes Film Festival. The Fi-Dogmanitarian Award is for outstanding contribution to the fellowship between mankind and dogs. Putting dogs stars front and centre screen in Isle of Dogs Wes Anderson and his team of voice talent – including Jeff Goldblum, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray – were the unanimous and shoo-in choice for the first ever Fi-DogManitarian Award created in Year of the Dog.
The award was presented to Andy Gent, the Isle of Dogs master puppeteer who created the stop motion pack of hounds, including Chief, Boss, Spots, plus the ruthless mayor of Megasaki who makes Cruella de Vil look almost cuddly. Andy took the trophy collar on behalf of the entire Isle of Dogs team.

Winners Fidos 2018

Best In World 2018

Phoenix, the star of Red Dog True Blue. Not only was the original a smash at the Oz box office but this story of canine fortitude and loyalty merited a prequel. Such an honour to a most honourable hound is fully deserving of Best in World in the Year of the Dog.

Phoenix plays Red Dog in Red Dog True Blue. He was played in the first film by Koko, but was replaced after his death. Sadly since release Phoenix has gone to join Koko in the big kennel in heaven. RIP and bravo to them both. Colin Vaines, producer of Red Dog True Blue  was presented with the award, which he accepted with great pleasure. 

Historical Hound

WINNER:- Their Finest – The white English bull terrier under the table as Bill Nighy lays out the plans for his next career move steals scenes from a scene stealer.

Other nominees: – The Death of Stalin
 – Viceroy’s House

Comedy Canine

WINNER:- Coco – Winner is Mexican Xola dog in Coco the story of Miguel a young boy who loves music but is forbidden to play his guitar by his family. Dante is a typical Mexican Xola dog in animation style.

Other nominees: – Whisky Galore– Going in Style

BlockBuster Bowser

WINNER:- Bladerunner 2049 The performance of Bo, the canine pal of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), in the Ridley Scott movie showed the importance of the canine-human relationship even in a replicant’s world.

Other nominees:
 – Spiderman: Homecoming – Valerian

RomCom Rover

Winner:- Red Dog True Blue No greater tribute to the legend of Red Dog than that this film (which triumphed at the Oz Box office) merited a prequel.Other nominees– Wilson– A Dog’s Purpose

Mutt Moment

WINNER:- The Square for the enigmatic and highly stylish grey whippet which appears at key moments throughout this Palme d’Or winning film.

Other nominees: – Certain Woman – The Other Side of Hope

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Plus the special first ever award to celebrate the fellowship between dogs and the human race : – The Fi-Dogmanitarian Award

Fi-Dogmanitarian Award 2018
 Isle of Dogs (Wes Anderson)

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