The Cube by Electrolux Pop Up in London

By Toby Rose
There are pop ups and there are pop ups. Not only is this a high up pop up perched on the roof of the Royal Festival Hall, it is also a pop up with the highest gastronomic aspirations.

The Cube by Electrolux in London atop the Royal Festival Hall overlooks the Thames and looks out over the London Eye, Big Ben and the House of Commons. It’s the sort of vantage point that should be itemised on the bill.

The aim of the Electrolux initiative is showcase the tools of the chef’s trade the very cookers, plates and ovens with which they create their delightful dishes.


And on our visit the chef of the day Daniel Clifford explained how the induction appliances were a quiet revolution in the pressure cooker world of the top flight kitchen.

The induction plate does not blast heat out and when the pots and pans are off the hob then off goes the heat. As a result the industrial strength extractor fans can be readically scaled back. Using the state of the art gear means even if you can stand the heat in the new generation Electolux version – high temperatures are not obligatory for high standards.

A case of if you don`t need the heat, Electrolux will take it out of the kitchen.

Teaming with the professional choice of kitchen equipment in London are double Michelin starred chefs Sat Bains and Claude Bosi, on the day of my visit Cambridge’s Daniel Clifford was at the controls.

Also cooking a storm on the rooftop reached from a sixth floor reception are Jonray and Peter Sanchez as well as Scotland’s youngest holder of a Michelin star, Tom Kitchin.

For the Lussorian visit Daniel Clifford from Midsummer House in Cambridge served a rather splendid lunch which started off with a delightful crispy hen`s egg with a pair of finest asparagus spears.

Sauteed scallop and then a petit roast quail soused in a wild garlic oil and surrounded by summer peas. Then some slow roast rump of lamb garnished with courgettes, tomato and basil and Olde York cheese even got a look in.

This was followed by a truly delicous desert of caramelised pineapple nestling beside a pineapple sorbet and even some pineapple candy floss.

This last item was created in a rather impressive cylinder which caught everyone`s eye when it was placed on the work surface. A subtle and succulent start to a lunch against a breathtaking backdrop.

This revolving residency is enough to tantalise the taste buds of the most exacting gourmet and runs until September 30th 2012.

Book on line HERE for a £175 lunch starting at noon or an dinner which begins at 7pm and is priced at £215. View included !

“The Cube by Electrolux, will offer guests a showcase of gastronomic excellence set against the backdrop of the river Thames and notable icons of London’s skyline.” says Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager Electrolux.

The stylish wedge shaped chefs kitchen in the sky is a sleek white pod with a truly panoramic view and is cooking up a storm on the London skyline.

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