The Best TV Stand In The World?

Integrated Entertainment Systems Limited have released the best TV stand I have ever seen. The Quantum and Opus mi-hub stands are packed with all the technology you could ever want, or need.


Lurking behind my antiquated wooden cabinet / stand there lies something very frightening. A mass clutter of cables that somehow inter-twine with each other (How does that happen?) and cause me all sorts of grief.

The two different mi-hub models are crammed with functionality. Both units which can hold up to a 60` screen, boast a built in 1080p HDMI upscaling DVD player, iPod dock, radio, clock and a set of speakers that deliver cinema quality sound. Channeling all your audio / visual hardware through one platform is a great idea and adds so much benefit.

This is basically a plug and play dock, for your satellite and games consoles. The built in DVD player and speakers helps to do away with a significant amount of cabling. Prices start from £399.99

Looks wise, the Quantum model is a beast. Just based on these looks, you know that this stand will improve your viewing pleasure. It doesn’t have a “wow” factor, more of a “shock” factor. It looks immense.

Specs wise, it is immense –

• HD up scaling DVD Player also compatible with: CD/ DVD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA/VCD/JPEG/DIVX/MPEG4
• Supports USB and CARD audio playing and picture viewing
• Pll radio function, AM/FM can pre-store 40 channels
• Docking station compatible with most iPods and iPhones
• 3.5mm auxiliary audio inlet for MP3, phone etc
• Built-in Dolby digital AC-3 surround sound decoder
• Composite video, S-video, Y,Cb,Cr video Output
• Digital coaxial, HDMI, Scart, Optical audio output
• Multi-lingual OSD settings
• Various EQ mode selections
• Karaoke function with two microphone ports
• Standby clock setting function
• VFD Multi-function display
• Intelligent upgrade, parental control and automatic screen protection function
• Full function infrared remote control
• 2.1+1 track power output

As the guys behind mi-hub say, every home should have one.

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