Most Expensive Jet Ski

There are a number of luxury jet ski models on the market, but this little beauty called the Yamaha FX Cruiser SHO tops my list. It also happens to be one of the most expensive jet ski’s on the planet, with a basic price tag of £11,600 ($23,200).


Features include:

• Seats three comfortably.

• 0-30 mph takes two seconds.

• Top speed is a blistering 65 mph.

• Includes a ‘No wake mode’ which keeps speed down to 5 mph until you leave the harbour.

• Bafflers reduce engine noise.

• Cruise assist allows you to set and maintain a specific speed.

• Supercharged four stroke engine inside the FX Cruiser SHO is 300cc larger and 20kg lighter than it’s nearest rival.

• The FX Cruiser weighs 380 kg.

• A V shaped hull is 25 kg lighter than Yamaha’s previous model thanks to a new lightweight material called NanoXcel. This is composed of nanoscale slices of clay layered into fibreglass and held together with resin.

• The hull shape keeps the craft stable, maintaining you upright even when bursting through surf at speed.

All in all the FX Cruiser SHO is an amazing piece of kit.

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