Recession Proof Investments with Value Coins…and a bit of fun too!

In the turbulent economic climate that we currently find ourselves, There is great interest in a product that does not seem to suffer too much in times of financial strife…Gold.

The Royal Mint has been producing collectable coins for years, but their new collection of value coins have raised the bar. Massively.

The range of Gold Proof coins starts with £76.00 for the `2010 UK Gold Bullion Quarter Sovereign` and goes right through to the impressive and highly collectable `The UK Countdown to London 2012 £5 Gold Proof 2009 & 2010 Two-coin Set`. A mouthful, yes, but as an investment, fairly appealing.


2010 UK Gold Bullion Quarter Sovereign £76.00
Going back to the Quarter sovereign, the base price of £76.00 represents fantastic value. Limited to 250,000 worldwide. This 22 carat Gold to Bullion quality coin features Original 1820s St George and the dragon design by Benedetto Pistrucci.


The 2010 UK £1 Gold Proof: England £650.00
Meeting somewhere in the middle is `The 2010 UK £1 Gold Proof: England`. Limited to 1000 coins, This 22 carat gold coin is impressive in its display case. This is nearly three times the weight of the Gold Sovereign and struck to flawless proof quality. I love this high value coin.


The UK Countdown to London 2012 £5 Gold Proof 2009 & 2010 Two-coin Set £2795.00
Each coin features the London 2012 Olympic logo in full colour and the coins are released in very limited quantities. The 2009 gold coin is limited to 4,000 and the 2010 coin to 3,000. Each coin comes with its own certificate of authenticity which, for those who purchase the coins in the four-coin case, will bear matching numbers.

There are so many more collections assembled by the Royal Mint, I urge you to have a look at their website – A very attractive set of valuable coins.

With the value of Gold as strong as it is, combined with the natural rise in value of such collectables, The Royal Mint offers some wonderful sets. If this is just for investment, or for fun – well, that`s up to you.

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