T – Rex Phones, Woolly Mammoth Fish Tanks And Golden iPads

Stuart Hughes has featured in Lussorian many times now. In the past we have reported on his luxurious and indulgent creations, such as the Golden iPhone or Golden iPad. I love Mr Hughes work, but just where could you go from covering the world`s best gadgets in gold?

You go back…way back!

I`m talking prehistoric. Natural history meets latest technology, and it`s a bit special.


The iPhone 4 History edition, the worlds 1st Dinosaur mobile phone (yes, dinosaur), inspiration from Katherine Hughes.

This T – Rex phone has a rear section structured from a 65 million year old T-Rex tooth and meteoric stone. The tooth was splintered and shaved into the pre polished meteoric stone.

Along with nice little touches like 8.5ct `IF` flawless diamonds and a platinum and diamond Apple logo, this phone is beyond compare.

The finish is outstanding and subtly brilliant. This is the most special mobile phone ever.

Price will be £39,995 and will available from www.stuarthughes.com as a limited edition of only 10 to be made.

Not content with his dino – dabblings, Stuart Hughes has also produced the most expensive fish tank in the world. Teaming up with Aquavista – who do a great range of flat screen fish tanks – Hughes has produced the Aquavista Dinosaur Gold.


Throw in a little gold, well, 68 kg of pure solid 24ct gold. Add mammoth tusk with a unique piece of Dinosaur bone from the T-Rex (why not?) diagonally shaved into the tusk and you get an amazing display piece, the best fish tank in the world.

Available as a limited edition of only 3, Priced @ £3 million, also from www.stuarthughes.com.

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