Kaymed Beds introduce the most comfortable bed in the world

£4000 will buy you what has to be one of the most comfortable beds in the world produced by Kaymed Beds. With a fully adjustable electronic inflation system comprising of 6 individual air sacks within the bed, the areas under the head, lumbar and legs can be adjusted to be as firm or soft as the sleeper likes. In fact there is an astonishing 4,200 combinations!


This sort of luxury doesn`t remain quiet for long with a queue of celebrities and high end hotels forming eager to get the best night`s sleep they could ever dream of!

How does it work?
It`s all possible thanks to new technology: three separate air chambers on each side of the bed are inflated and deflated by a computerised control system built into the mattress and topped with the finest quality memory foam for maximum comfort. And the controls are extremely precise: there are over 4,200 combinations.

An auto-fill button returns the bed to a firm, flat surface for sitting up to read or getting in and out of bed, but the exact personal settings are remembered by the computer to readjust the comfort level of the mattress each night.

In addition, the chambers on either side of the bed can be adjusted independently, so that a couple can create the perfect balance of firmness and comfort to suit their individual needs.

The bed also includes Kaymed`s unique pillow-top featuring another layer of memory foam to increase comfort levels still further.

The Kaymed SleepSpa Air Therapy Bed is available in king and super-king sizes.

Find your nearest stockest today on the Kaymed website.

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