Stanley Dyson – The unsung hero of the Art world

Unknown artist Stanley Dyson (1920 – 2007) never exhibited or sold any of his work. It`s a huge shame we are only getting to know of the secretive man and his works after his death.


Fish and Chip Saloon By Stanley Dyson
But, the art world welcomes a vast collection with such an extraordinary use of colour and a perfectly balanced palette.

It is thought that the paintings were created to help children understand how to paint. For me, and many others, they are more than a tutorial for children.

The works, simple as they seem, are great examples of naǟ¶îve art and also have huge historic relevance. The supporting children`s work adds to the flavour. It is compelling to view a Dyson piece and then the interpretation by a pupil.

Dyson was an art teacher for 3 years at a local school in Derbyshire. It is here that his unique art masterclass took place.

After Stanley Dyson`s death, his daughter discovered a large number of paintings hidden in the attic, along with two folios of childrens work.


Paddle Steamer Leaving Harbour By Stanley Dyson
Now, the collection is up for sale. The works are being showcased by Robert Young antiques in Battersea. The exhibition is entitled `Stanley Dyson and His School`, Robert Young Antiques specializes in naǟ¶îve and folk art, and is perfect for the works of Dyson.

Running from 17th March to 23rd April, this exhibition offers a different take on art and is sure to delight all who attend. With all the vibrant colours, it might be worth taking your shades.

With individual prices ranging from £100 to £7500, there is something for everyone.

Not bad for the `next Lowry`!

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