Russian Standard Gold – Authenticity In A Bottle

If You are looking for a Premium Vodka, you really want to be choosing the most authentic, The choice favoured by the Russians themselves.

Russian Standard accounts for 60% of all premium sales in Russia. Last year, 2.2 million cases were purchased. Just in Russia. Yes, I know…it’s a lot of Vodka!


There is a strong reason for this and you will be pleased to know its all about the end product, the taste. Made with the finest Russian ingredients, following a formula by the great scientist Mendeleev – an abuse of power, perhaps, The Zsars made him do it.

To quote Russian Standard – “Distilled from the finest Russian winter wheat from the southern steppes of Russia, blended with the softest and purest glacial waters from Lake Ladoga and incorporating time-honored Siberian golden roots which provide a soft taste – Russian Standard Gold is clear, pure, smooth and a strong quality vodka, perfect for any discerning vodka drinker”. Poetry.

But, they are very correct. Russian Standard Gold is smooth, deliciously so. With the kick you would expect, you also get Vanilla, Almond and Honey.

A pureness of taste (that will be the glacial waters) and the subtle sweetness makes this a very pleasurable and mellow Vodka.

The box is of the same standard, quite possibly the best packaging for a Premium spirit at this price level. As impressive as the taste, you know you are on to a good thing as soon as you open the box.

I said price level….and this is the shocking part. You can get this fantastically authentic Premium Vodka for just £20 (RRP – 70cl)

Available from 1st April in selected Asda stores and in Selfridges from May

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