Royvon Animal Hotel, luxury for Pets!

Yes, That’s right…Luxury for pets.

And Why Not?! More and more people are happy to pay a little bit more to ensure their pets holiday is as good as their own. Kennels and catteries are so passé.


The Royvon Animal Hotel is situated close to the Brecon Beacons, and offers breathtaking views from one of the UKs most beautiful locations. Set in a secure six acres, with 3 large play paddocks and 2 indoor activity halls, the Hotel concentrates on “all day Play” and pampering. Air Conditioned dog taxi (!) rides to the Brecon Beacons allow for the residents to enjoy lengthy walks in great countryside.

A Spa for dogs for washing, grooming and four differnt types of massage means they will probably be better looked after than you on your own holiday! Royvon also operate a training centre, so you could even end up with a better mannered pooch!


The rooms are purpose built doggy heaven, 24/7 care provided and you can even check up using the rooms installed web cam. The rooms – named the Presidential Suite, Orchid House, Toto`s Toy Room or the Waikiki Wing – each have their own 24in plasma screen, usually tuned into Animal Planet.

Kennel boss Sarah Draper, whose brother Darren James runs their sister business in Surrey, said: `Even dogs deserve a bit of luxury now and again. All our rooms are very plush and our guests love it – we give them a holiday as good as their owners are having abroad. They can have their nails clipped, different shampoos for their particular coats and perfume to make them smell nice.`

The rates are reasonable, £29 a night. Compare this to the standard kennels rate and weigh up the obvious extras you get with Royvon Animal Hotel. It doesn’t seem so bonkers now, does it?

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