Rolex Daytona by Blaken

At the Daytona International Speedway, Florida`s most celebrated car racing track, who loses and who will be the star of the racing season is sometimes decided by less than a tenth of a second. Every season, Daytona is the world star of the Rolex watches, the only stopwatch in the whole collection, and is accurate to an eighth of a second.

With a hermetically sealed Oyster housing, sapphire crystal watch glass and waterproofing to 100 metres, it really is a slick piece of kit.

It`s simply stunning!




When the 1963 model was introduced, professional and hobby drivers of fast cars were wowed in equal measure when they found that the Daytona gave them exact race times and average speeds. Famous owners such as Paul Newman – who alongside his acting career was also a passionate racing driver – hand-made top of the range quality, unique finesse and the highest quality materials have made and make it into the most coveted watch in the world. So coveted that it is not at all unusual to have waiting times of 15 years.

`Depending on the Level of complexity, the process takes up to eight weeks, during which our engineers and materials experts turn a dream watch into a handmade unique piece that’s one hundred percent made in Germany.` Managing Director, Blaken GmbH

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