Ripples Luxury Bathroom Design

I have been looking for a while now to feature a luxury bathroom design service. There doesn’t seem to be that many of them out there for some reason. So I was quite pleased to spot Ripples who have apparently been around since 1988.

According to their web site they have been honoured with various awards that quite frankly mean nothing to me. But what really caught my eye is the sleek modern look of their designs. Take a look at this one:


Tasteful, modern, spacious and luxurious personified.

According to a recent feature in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, Ripples are also offering new Jacuzzi Morphosis whirlpool baths. Great name for a bath!

“The collection features beautiful organic lines and contours and therapeutic lighting. With four jets and additional rotating back jets, the baths are designed to stimulate and satisfy all the senses. The futuristic system has electronic controls to adjust the intensity of the whirlpool, allowing you to tailor the water massage to your individual needs. Prices start at £6,495.”

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