Penfolds Celebrates 2012 Grange Imperial With Exclusive Saint-Louis Crystal Decanters

Penfolds, the well-known and long established Australian wine producers, have collaborated with Europe’s oldest glass makers Saint-Louis for an exclusive collaboration. Celebrating the first commercial release of a Grange imperial (6 litre) bottle, Penfolds has worked in partnership with Saint-Louis to create a unique decanter to accompany 2012 Grange 750ml bottle format and the opulent Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.

The stunning Aevum Imperial Service Ritual.

The Aevum Limited Edition Crystal Decanter is a stunning piece of craftsmanship. It is a centre piece suitable for such a prestigious occasion; featuring the diamond cut, signature hallmark of Saint-Louis crystal.  Crafted to accompany the 750ml, 2012 Grange, the Aevum Limited Edition Decanter is hand-blown by Saint-Louis master craftsmen. Each artistically designed to delicately aerate the wine, creating a unique and captivating service ritual, of which there are only a limited number available. The recommended retail price of each decanter (below) is a cool £1,200.  Available exclusively at Harrods from the 20th October 2016.


However, the real star of the story is the Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Ritual: A distinctive service vessel that facilitates a perfect pour from the 2012 Grange Imperial (6 litre). Not your usual vessel, there are only 5 in existence and the price tag sits at $185,000. But fear not, as this price tag also includes the 2012 Grand Imperial! The piece has been designed with the highest level of master craftsmanship and it offers the perfect pour, not to be beaten! This vessel elevates the 2012 Grange and injects a true sense of theatre.


According to Penfolds, the vessel is key to “delivering the ultimate service ritual is part of Penfolds culture and wine etiquette. Tradition, care, decanting and ceremony is woven into the fabric of Penfolds and transcends the ordinary.  It enhances the enjoyment of a Penfolds wine to release aromas and flavours through aeration, and importantly delivers an unforgettable experience and sense of occasion.”

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