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With countless designer beauty products pimped and packaged to perfection this Christmas it can be difficult deciding where to spend your hard earned cash. In fact you`d be wise step away from the shop floor as radiance comes to the rescue in the form of Lee Garret and a treatment called `Pelleve`.

Named after the Italian for skin (pelle) and French for lift ( lever) this is the latest non invasive anti-aging procedure making waves in the beauty industry. Using a controlled radiofrequency system Pelleve softens fine lines, wrinkles and even firms the skin.


The procedure`s popularity has spread and quickly been adopted by celebrities as results can be seen immediately with minimal side effects. I tried it for my self last week, taking a much- needed respite from the shopping madness at Lee`s smart practice on Harley Street.

Relaxing in a chair whilst Lee Garrett carefully glided tiny metal wands over my skin it was a fairly painless and even enjoyable experience. Lee paused only to focus on `problem` areas (the eyes, jawline, forehead) and also to check that the temperature had reached the optimum temperature for results. After less than an hour I was primed and raring to go.

Holding a mirror up to my face I could see a direct improvement in the lines around my eyes and a lift in my jaw-line. Lee explained that the heat had modified the collagen bundles deep inside my skin, causing them to contract and stimulate the growth of new collagen. Over time the results would improve and should last for six months or longer. Having been told how well I look by friends over the last few days (and after a cold) I`d recommend getting some A list maintaince and booking in for Pelleve in time for the Christmas party!

Lee Garrett is based at Freedom Health on Harley Street :

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