New Online Luxury Shopping Website – Instant Luxe

A new Luxury shopping website was launched last week in the UK, Instant Luxe.


The goods are all pre owned, but we are talking so much more than an `upmarket ebay`. InstantLuxe is the first and only dedicated secure online buyer-seller platform for authentic pre-owned designer luxury goods.

The range is simply staggering and the beauty is it`s rather `Forest Gump`, you never know what is going to be up for sale.

Instant Luxe gives access to over thousands of products, including bags, handbags, wallets, watches, jewelleryand accessories from international luxury brands such as Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

This is a fantastic way of making the world of luxury that little bit more accessible.


What makes it unique is that it is the first and only e-commerce buyer-seller platform that works with a team of certified independent professional valuers, to give a guarantee of authenticity to every product sold online.

`Until now, consumers who want to buy second-hand luxury branded products online really only have online auction websites to go to. With these they have no independent guarantee whether the product is genuine or not, `authenticity` is based on other users` opinion, and consumers often run the risk of buying a counterfeit or an item at less-than-average quality` says Yann Le Floc`h, CEO and Co-founder of InstantLuxe `Now they don`t have to. With the InstantLuxe brand consumers are guaranteed the authentic article, not to mention in good, if not new, condition.`

Instant Luxe`s vast range and authenticity guarantee sets the bar high. When the sale has been made, the vendor sends it to InstantLuxe who verifies the authenticity of the product.

If authentic, it is sent onto the buyer with a certificate of authenticity and the InstantLuxe seal. If the product is deemed to be a counterfeit, the buyer is refunded the entire sum of the purchase.

No more risks. The only issue I have with Instant Luxe is the amount of time I have spent poring over what is now very affordable luxury designer products.

Instant Luxe is very addictive!

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