New Luxury Furniture Restoration Company

`They don`t make them like they used to` It`s a common gripe. In a world of lowest prices fuelled by mass production, we seem to be losing in products both longevity and charm.

Upcycling, the process of improving an object, is all the rage. It makes sense to save your pennies and create something useful and of beauty – unique beauty.

Joanna Murray from Knutsford, Cheshire did just that with a Victorian nursing chair for her first child`s bedroom. She realised she had a bit of a talent and restored a few pieces for friends and family.

Now, Joanna Murray has set up her luxury furniture restoration company and sells exclusively through her website. All pieces produced are one off`s with a strong traditional and British theme.


Fabrics and designs on restored pieces have so far included famous British designers Emily Bond and Suzie Watson. The end results have been simply brilliant.

Unique, traditional furniture that comes with a modern quirk. With prices ranging from £500 – £1500, this restored furniture comes recommended.

Joanna said `Finding a new piece of furniture for your home which is different from the rest is often hard and time consuming as we all lead such busy lives. Which is why I think giving an old piece of furniture a new lease of life, rather than buying new, is such a good idea.`

To find out more about this fabulous new luxury furniture restoration company, just click the link.

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