Netatmo Welcome review

The home automation revolution is certainly in full swing with heaps of exciting technology promising to make our lives a little easier launching onto the market right now.

One piece of technology we were recently introduced to that got our immediate attention was the Netatmo Welcome indoor camera.

This little gem has so many uses. Essentially, the Welcome is a wide angled security camera that sits in your home or office and tracks and records any movement or the faces that it sees. It then pings you a message on your smartphone (via the Welcome app) that shows video of the movement or person detected. It’s a cylindrical, wireless plug in device that looks fantastic and has a knack of blending into the natural surrounds – you simply don’t notice it (size: 6 inches high and 1.8 inches diameter).


But what’s really clever about the Welcome is that it has deep learning capability, so after a while it starts to recognise the regular faces that you can identify through the app.

You’d typically place it where there’s lots of traffic, facing the front door for example so as you can keep tabs on who is coming in and out. Motion detection alerts are immediate and the data is stored for around 24 hours so you’ve enough time to react. The camera also has crystal clear night vision.

Aside from security, the Netatmo Welcome has so many uses including keeping an eye on your little one in their crib, nature watching in the garden (easily picks up the slightest movement) and perhaps even keeping an eye on the builders to make sure they aren’t taking too many tea breaks!

To sum up, we predict BIG things for this little device. It retails for £199 and doesn’t require a subscription fee.


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