Nest Cam IQ Indoor Reviewed

For us, the Nest collection of smart home technology is right at the top of the pile. The Nest family offers complete integration of home security, smoke detection and in-home central heating. Thanks to one of the best apps on the market, all of these elements are all wonderfully well integrated and ideal for modern life. The new Nest Cam IQ Indoor (there is also an outdoor version available) is one of the latest members to the Nest range and it provides a sophisticated and smart solution to home security. It also looks superb too!

Super sharp HDR 1080P HD Footage

The sleek Nest Cam IQ is a smart phone accessible 1080P HD home camera which streams to the cloud for easy access at any time. Whether you are viewing via your phone, tablet or laptop, you can enjoy crystal clear shots of your home. The camera provides HDR video with clarity during the day and evening, thanks to invisible infrared LEDs illuminate that allow for low light visibility for 24/7 surveillance.  If you are looking for a solution to guard your home when you are not there, or to check in on children, pets, then the Nest IQ provides a very reliable stream. With the package you get 3 hours of activity stored, but you can also upgrade to a premium subscription to ensure your streams are saved for 7 days a week.

Smart facial recognition makes the Nest Cam IQ stand out from the rest

If you choose the indoor or the outdoor version of the Nest Cam IQ, there is a super smart and clever piece of technology which makes this more than just a camera. Facial recognition software in the cam tells you if the movement it captures is down to motion (such as a shadow) or a person. The software then tracks all of the faces it recognises and builds a bank of images for each person in your home. This way, you can personalise notifications based on who or what has triggered the camera. We have tried quite a few streaming cameras which boast facial recognition, but it doesn’t seem to be deployed as well as it is with the Nest Cam IQ. Very fast, efficient and consistent!

All of your data is also secure, thanks to AES 128-bit encryption and Two-step authentication, so you can ensure that no one can access your private data or streams.

Take control your home with the in-built microphone and Google Assistant

There is also a built-in 3 microphone array and speaker that allows for direct communication into the home via the cam, a nice touch! Plus, the camera boasts in-built Google Assistant technology, so that you can manage tasks and answer questions. The camera is also built within built noise and echo suppression, ensuring a clear cut sound.

Visit the Nest store here. The Nest Cam retails at £299. 

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