The most expensive property to rent in England?

Is this the most expensive property to rent in the UK at £40,000 a WEEK (£2m per year)?

It`s a 10,000 sq ft house set in London`s prestigious Mayfair and just a stone`s throw from Hyde Park. The house has the highest level of security features such as CCTV and a couple of emergency exits – it`s even got staff quarters out the back.

10 Park Street forms one of a three house terrace and from the outside doesn`t look any different to the neighboring properties. It`s when you step inside that you notice the true love this house has been given. The style of the inside has been called `Spanish neo-baroque` – this means that some rooms are stark white and others black as night, with a twist of course.


It`s super trendy with all mod cons of course and all the furnishings were made in Spain in keeping with the design of the interior.

There`s a dining room with its own servery, a fiberoptic chandalier in the hallway, ironwork staircase and 4 person lift, 38ft long pool with a hot tub (of course), a Boffi kitchen complete with glass fronted champagne cooler, a life sized statue of Julius Ceasar in one of the bedrooms. In all the house is sread across 6 levels and is positioned in Mayfair`s best road.

The owner purchased the property for around £4m and has spent a further £3m doing it up.

Apparently there`s no shortage of interest here with some A list celebs showing an interest as a luxury pad during filming.

More about the developer here.

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