Hembolize, pioneering new private procedure for haemorrhoid sufferers

Let’s face it, there is literally nothing fun about Haemorrhoids. Nothing whatsoever. As far as ailments which stop you from sitting down go, its up (or down) there with some of the worst and most irritating. Whilst most of us rely on a range of OTC creams to manage the pain and itching, these are only a temporary fix, with those troublesome pains in the backside never far away from returning…

Haemorrhoids affect 50% of us at one point of our lives, and they appear to be on the increase. Maybe this is down to diet, genetics, more stresses and strains on the body… maybe all of these. Whilst in recent years there have been a number of weird and wonderful hemorrhoid operations launched onto the market all over the world, most have failed to impress patients who find just a temporary fix to these annoying little pains in the rear.

That is up until now and a new and very unique procedure called Hembolize, which is essentially a minimally invasive, walk-in walk out procedure that solves the issue from a hole in your neck. Yes, you heard that right, as unusual as it may sound the vein in your neck is a direct route through a central vein in your body, straight into the back passage, where the problem vein resides. Tackling the issue from the inside and at its root cause ensures the chance of recurrence is therefore minimal, something 99% of the other haemorrhoid treatments available simply can’t compete with.

The biggest concerns for most haemorrhoid patients are the embarrassing and painful ‘rummaging around’ down there as well as the eye watering operations directly on the pile itself, leaving many in pain for weeks afterwards. For those unlucky enough to suffer from these throughout life, this could ultimately become an annual event and a miserable one at that.

This is why Hembolize is likely to revolutionise how haemorrhoids are tackled in future. Devised by Professor Mark Whiteley, one of the UKs leading vein surgeons, Hembolize actually follows the same procedure as Prof. Whiteley uses to treat varicose veins. After all, haemorrhoids are in fact varicose veins of the anus.

The entire process is quick, painless and most importantly, fondle free. The procedure entails a catheter injected into your jugular, which then travels down your central vein (all under the blissful ignorance of local anaesthetic), uses a special foam to clean out the affected vein in the anus, and then leaves a fine metal coil behind, which essentially stops feeding the haemorrhoid with blood. After this the tube is removed and after 5 minutes of pressure on the injection site you’re good to go. The only thing left is one more check up over the next few weeks just to make sure those little blighters are kaput!

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