Make Those Childhood Dreams Come True with a Tree House

Ok so you’ve got the garage full of expensive sports cars, you’ve got the expensive house, you’ve got the expensive holidays each year – what next.

Well, if you’re like me there’ll be the occasional yearning for childhood dreams like the ultimate Go Kart you never got round to building – you know the one with the lawn mower engine attached. Or there’s the hopeful wish that you could jump off a building with an umbrella in hand and land safely. Or was it to build the ultimate Tree House? This one really got my juices flowing when I was a kid, to the point where I ended up paying for my ambition with a broken arm from a fir tree I should never have climbed.

The ultimate Tree House no longer needs to be an idle aspiration. Today it can become a reality – and without risking life and limb.image

The TreeHouse Company specialise in making those childhood dreams a reality. The results can be truly spectacular. Take a look at some of these examples:





Prices can range from $15,000 (£10,000) to $75,000 + (£50,000 +)

Here’s what the TreeHouse Company say about their service:

“TreeHouses bring a smile to everyone’s face – young and old alike.

At TreeHouse Company we have the wonderful challenge of making fantasies come true – your own dream Tree House.

The TreeHouses we design and build are individually tailored to each of our customer’s ideas and visions. Tree Houses for children are places of adventure, imagination and make believe. A Tree House for adults is luxurious and romantic, perfect for relaxing and entertaining friends.

At TreeHouse Company we believe everyone deserves a special place to dream, a TreeHouse, a place to call your own! TreeHouse Company’s custom made treehouses and children’s playhouses provide hours of fun and relaxation for both young and old.

TreeHouse Company is the worlds largest TreeHouse Company and constructs TreeHouses across the Globe. TreeHouse Company’s talented designers create the concepts and craftsmen turn these into reality, building handmade TreeHouses for children and families.”

Other TreeHouse companies to consider are:

Castles Carey
Blue Forest
Tree House Life

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