Made to order electric recycled guitar.

If you have dreams of becoming the next Jimi Page and you want to do your bit for the environment then you need to get yourself one of the latest made-to-order electric guitars crafted from recycled plastics.

Rock stars themselves like guitarist Tom Jarvis from indie rock band Reverend and The Makers are loving them.


Many conventional guitars are often made from endangered hardwoods but Simon Lee has produced the ones made from recycled materials, using environmentally sound processes wherever possible.


Known as The Cyclotron guitars, Each guitar is made to order for each person and rockers can choose between the Cylotron Benton – a more traditional telecaster shape for £815 – and the Cyclotron Webster which is a bold new design using the timeless combination of three single coils for £850.

If you have your reservations about their quality, fear not. The maple neck, heavy recycled plastic body and top quality hand-wound Bare Knuckle pickups (as used by Matt Bellamy and Lenny Kravitz) combine to give it amazing sound. Five way switching allows for a variety of sound combinations suitable for different musical styles.


If you`re looking to be different, look no further. Available in six unique funky materials which will give you the edge:

Marble: Reclaimed plastics from food production industry. Semi-translucent with black veining. Has the appearance of a very heavy marble.

Snow: Factory reject yoghurt pots with foil fragments from lids embedded in a white stone like material. Polishes to a hard shine.

Pirate: Sparkling fragments of crushed CDs suspended in translucent blue from office water cooler bottles. The CDs were seized by Trading Standards during a raid on illegal CD production facilities.

Superfresh: Domestic bottles and containers of all types. Gives very vivid splashes and streaks of colour moving through the material. It even has a fresh soapy smell when first machined.

Chilli: Off cuts from industrial pipes. The mixture of colours produce a hot volcanic effect.

Espresso: Vending machine coffee cups which show as chips of cream and beige in a grey/ black base. This material polishes well to granite like appearance.

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