Luxury Travel by Gulfstream G150

Every billionaire worth his salt is going to want one these iconic Gulfstream G150 jets.


With a top speed of Mach .85 (647mph) and a range of 3,400 miles you’re never going to be late for that business appointment on the other side of the world.

This kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap with a base price tag of £7.6 million ($14,060,000) and running costs amounting to around £700 ($1,295) for every hour of flying time. The 1300 gallon fuel tanks which take Jet A1 kerosene costs £715 ($1322) to fill.

The cabin is kept fresh by air pumped in from the atmosphere every two minutes.

Why would you mix it in first class when you can have your very own Gulfstream jet?

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