Ideal luxury gin for Valentines Day – 44°N

French distiller Comte De Grasse may have stolen the show this Valentines on the gin front with their spectacularly elegant 44°N.

Not only will this bottle be the pride of your collection, but the gin may also make your top 3 too! Interestingly 44°N is created using age-old perfume extraction techniques melded with cutting edge distilling technology.

Only available direct from the distillery, 44°N will set you back around £66 (€75) for a 50cl bottle (44% ABV), excluding postage, which isn’t cheap, we admit… BUT when you consider the innovations involved to achieve this complex, delicate and long, refined depth of flavour, there’s little wonder. These methods have been codenamed the Grasse HYPRX distillation process and interestingly use substantially less energy and natural resources than traditional gin production to acquire the desired effect.

Now let’s talk about the botanicals in play here. 44°N contains a blend of Cade (juniper oxycedrus), bitter orange peel, immortelle, mimosa, jasmine, rose centifolia petals, lavender and local honeys to name but a few of the 20 precious ingredients sourced from the local community.

Elementary Tasting Notes:

Top notes: Fresh zingy lemon peel and grapefruit. Marine breeze and samphire punctuated by touches of mimosa. Cade adds woody, piney facets.

Body notes: Floral body with hints of Grasse’s rose centifolia and jasmine.

Jammy facets of bitter orange countered by the herbaceous punch of angelica.

Base notes: Spicy notes of alexanders. Orris and honey sweet and musky finish, with persistent floral and citrus notes.

44°N comes bottled in stunning Bleu Klein glass, with shimmering yellow accents and a refined presentation box, the gin’s Provençal heritage beams brightly. If nothing else you’ll find yourself staring at the bottle’s unique design, standing head and shoulders above the rest of your collection.

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